About Migdal Holdings

Migdal Holdings is the leading insurance and finance group in Israel. The Group offers its customers a wide and varied range of products related to insurance, pension and long-term financial assets management services. The Group’s insurance, pension and provident activities are carried out by Migdal Insurance and its subsidiaries. The insurance activities of the Group are carried out by Migdal Insurance, and the pension and provident activities of the Group are carried out by subsidiaries of Migdal Insurance: Migdal Makefet and Yozma Pension Fund for the Self Employed. The Group also holds insurance agencies, and the majority of the holding is through Migdal Agencies. The financial services activity is carried out by Migdal Capital Markets and its subsidiaries. Migdal Holdings was incorporated in Israel on August 13, 1974. The Company’s shares have been traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) since 1997. The majority of the holdings,61.56%, are owned by Eliahu 1959 Ltd. and the rest, 31.54%, is publicly owned – the capital attributed to shareholders in Migdal Holdings on 31.12.2018 was NIS 5.9 billion. The Group serves some 2.3 million private and business customers, and is in business relations with some 2,800 insurance agencies and agents, employing more than 5,200 people and managing assets of some NIS 255 billion. The proficiency in the pension field, the wide variety of customers and decades of successful experience, are the fruits of the Company’s labor that are enjoyed by its customers. The long-term pension savings options, life insurance that includes savings and additional retirement solutions, pension funds, provident and education funds, along with financial and other services, are provided to customers by insurance agents and agencies working with the Group, and also through “Migdal at Your Service” a customer service center ready for every call to assist every customer - all these are tools created by the Group with one single goal: to provide its customers with the very best solutions. The members of Management and of the Board of Directors are significant figures in the Israeli economy, and they lead the Group to new successes while maintaining its status in the market. Mr. Hanan Melcer  serves as Chairman of the Board, and Mr Yossi Ben Baruch serves as CEO, in addition to his other positions in the Group’s companies

Migdal Isurance

Migdal Insurance Company Ltd. was established in 1934 in Jerusalem by a group of Jewish families from Alexandria, together with the Italian insurance company Generali. The name “Migdal” (Tower) was bestowed on it by national poet Hayim Nahman Bialik, as an expression of the strength and security that it provides for its customers. And indeed, for over 80 years, Migdal has been providing its customers with a wide and varied range of insurance, pension and provident products that give them protection and financial security.
Migdal Insurance is the largest and leading insurance company in the field of life insurance and long-term savings in Israel. Migdal Insurance manages cumulative assets of NIS 223 billion, out of which NIS 130 billion are in life insurance; NIS 67 billion in pension funds; NIS 17 billion in provident and education funds, and about NIS 9 billion in general and health insurances, as at the end of 2018

Real Estate and Assets

Migdal Group belongs to the group of the largest investors in the yielding real estate market in Israel, holding and managing hundreds of thousands of meters in Israel and around the world. The Group’s portfolio of the real estate in Israel is some NIS 8 billion and is characterized by yielding, quality and stable assets in strategic locations. Most of those assets are in leading shopping centers in Israel and innovative office towers with quality renters (government offices, giant Israeli and foreign companies, leading companies and organizations in their respective fields) and with some of the highest occupancy rates currently in Israel.
The properties are characterized by a high level of engineering and maintenance. They are managed, operated and undergo betterment through a high-quality management platform built up over the years by Migdal. Abroad, the holdings are diverse and include office buildings, shopping centers, housing blocs, and more. The Group’s operations are focused on key cities and stable markets characterized by growth, transparency and high demand. As a rule, the Company’s investments abroad are made in cooperation with local partners that specialize in the type of asset, the market and the relevant strategy.
Migdal’s investments in real estate, in Israel and abroad, are considered strategic investments with a steady flow of income, with the potential to increase in value, and they constitute an anchor in the Group’s portfolio, both in the investment portfolios of our members and our insured, and also in our nostro portfolio. The Group’s real estate policy is based on medium- and long-term vision, with the risk component and its hedging carrying significant weight in our investment considerations. The Group’s real estate activity in Israel and abroad is an important pillar in the preservation and improvement of our customers’ long-term savings, and it expresses another aspect other Group’s strength

Migdal Capital Markets

The financial service activities are carried out by Migdal Capital Markets (1965) Ltd. and its subsidiaries. Migdal Capital Markets provides its customers with financial services - financial asset management (mutual fund and portfolio management), as well as the marketing of investments and other activities: investment banking, distribution, and nostro activity. Migdal Capital Markets manages some NIS 32 billion of financial assets as at December 31, 2018