A Tower (Migdal) Of Social Responsibility

Our Social Vision

As a leading group in the Israeli economy in general, and in the insurance and finance industry in particular, we seek to help improve the social situation in the state of Israel and to accelerate significant social changes, integrating them in our core business activity and with the social involvement of our employees. 


Community Investment Strategy

Throughout all the years of our activity, we have helped to fulfil a variety of needs in the community, and our employees have volunteered in activities that benefit the community, taking the approach of social responsibility and involvement. In 2015, the Board of Directors of the Midgal Group approved a new strategy for social investment and contribution to the community, and allocated an annual contribution budget in the sum of NIS 8 million.


Management Of The Social Investment

The Contribution Committee and the Social Responsibility director manage the social responsibility issue in a professional and responsible manner, as with all the activities of the Group.

Social Responsibility Channels


1. Improving the wellbeing and quality of life of members of the third and fourth age group


The wellbeing and quality of life of retirees is directly related to the expertise of Migdal Insurance in the field of pension savings, and we are thoroughly familiar with the importance of investment in this field, which will be carried out on the basis of cooperation with social organizations, large and small, local and national, which specialize in this issue. In addition to the pension insurance activity, Migdal Insurance operates the Retirement Management Center and the subsidiary, Club 50, which is focused on the third age group. We strive to contribute from the professional knowledge accumulated within the Company on this issue, and, concurrently, to learn to familiarize ourselves with new needs and to find solutions related to members of the third and fourth age groups. 


Investment in three fields


After evaluating the major needs of people in the third and fourth age groups, we have identified three elements of personal wellbeing. We have chosen to organize our social investment according to these three clusters: 

  1. Physical wellbeing: health, nutrition, physical exercise
  2. Psychological wellbeing: companionship, vitality and involvement, leisure
  3. Financial wellbeing: budget management, utilization of rights, work-livelihood 



The Social Projects In Which The Group Invests :

Physical Wellbeing Cluster

  • The Association For Oral Health care

    Funding of a mobile dental care unit, which provides assistance to seniors who require oral and dental care and who are generally unable to come to regular dental clinics; intended for the care of the elderly in the periphery.
    To the Association For Oral Health careFor Oral Health care website >>

  • Friends For Health

    Funding innovative medicine bottle carriers for efficient packaging of medications, which are donated to seniors who are confined to their homes and cannot afford medications. The medications are donated by the public and by the pharmaceutical companies.
    To the Friends For Health website>>

  • Milbat

    Funding a program for preventing falls by seniors. The program comprises training for professionals and volunteers, and use of a new application developed for this purpose, in order to map and determine causes of falls in seniors' homes.
    To the Milbat website>>

  • women and their bodies

    Funding workshops for elderly women and for professionals in the healthcare field, in order to become familiar with the emotional and physical health problems unique to this age group and the solutions; understanding patients' rights in the healthcare system.
    To the women and their bodies website>>


    Funding a program aimed at promoting physical exercise with social and psychological consequences. The program includes local and regional marches in communities across the country.
    To the JDC – ESHEL website>>

Psychological Wellbeing Cluster

  • Friend Of Education

    Supporting the organization's activity, which enables pensioners to volunteer in the education system, as personal mentors, assistants and tutors. The volunteers themselves benefit from training and social activity.
    To the Friend Of Education website>>

  • The College Of Management – School Of Design

    Supporting the "Age Generating Design" exhibition – which displays new design and technological solutions for integrating seniors into society.
    To the The College Of Management – School Of Design website >>


    Supporting a new program in two selected settlements (Haifa and Shfaram), which trains volunteers to conduct social activities with seniors who are confined to their homes, within the framework of a supportive community.
    To the JDC ESHEL website>>

Financial Wellbeing Cluster


    Supporting the placement program of the "Experience Required" organization, by means of an Internet platform and expansion of the activity to change employer attitudes and to adapt workplaces for the efficient integration of elderly employees.
    To the VEHADARTA website>>


    Funding a pilot program for instilling technological skills in job seekers aged 60+ and to assist in placing them in suitable positions.
    To the IT WORKS website>>

  • TELEM – Employment For Seniors

    Supporting the ongoing activity of the organization, which enables placement and employment of seniors in northern Israel.
    To the TELEM – Employment For Seniors website>>

  • YES! To Seniors

    Funding a telephone hotline for Hebrew speakers, which enables seniors and their children to receive information and practical assistance to utilize their financial and healthcare rights vis-à-vis public entities.
    To the YES! To Seniors website>>


    An organization that promotes the effectiveness of contributors and the NPOs – by rating the NPOs, preparing sector reports, and providing consultation process training and activity to change the public discourse. In 2015, Migdal has contributed to improving the comparative information website of the third age group sector organizations.
    To the MIDOT website >>

  • NOVA

    An organization that helps social organizations to operate efficiently and effectively over the years, by means of an annual consultation project. The projects are carried out through consulting teams, which are composed of outstanding students of economics and business administration, led by volunteer consultants and business professionals. In 2015, Migdal is contributing consultation projects to four NPOs.
    To the NOVA website >>

2. Strengthening the administrative infrastructures of social organizations

We attach considerable importance to professional and financial management, as the basis for efficient and effective activity. As we understand it, the social organization sector (non-profit organizations (NPOs)/ the third age group sector) constitutes a "key player" in identifying social needs and addressing them, and therefore we think it is important to strengthen this sector.

The Tel Aviv NPO Compound– the House of the Non-Profit Organizations Compound in Tel Aviv – the House of the Infrastructure Organizations

As of 2005, the ground floor of the "Migdal Capital Markets" building has been serving – for a nominal fee – as a compound that houses the offices of social infrastructure organizations and umbrella organizations. This enterprise facilitates the achievement of important goals: huge budgetary savings for the social organizations, on the one hand, and an opportunity for meeting and networking in the course of the ongoing work of the organizations, on the other hand, since as the compound is organized as an open space of work stations. Currently, Civic Leadership, All Rights, Vehadarta, Life and Environment, Midot and the Nova organization are located in the NPO House.

Supporting infrastructure organizations

 The Group supports the activities of two social organizations that help NPOs to carry out their work in a professional and effective manner, with the aim of achieving their social objectives.

3. Helping the local community


Migdal insurance is spread out geographically in three major cities in Israel: Petah Tikva, Jerusalem and Haifa. Since we are part of the socio-economic fabric of these cities, we see an obligation and opportunity to contribute to the strength of the local communities, through financial contributions and the social involvement of our employees.

4. Contributing to NPOs in various fields of activity


This channel is open to a variety of requests for assistance that come to our door. As a large and leading group in Israel, we give specific assistance for a wide spectrum of social needs, such as: assistance to the needy, scholarships for students, and assistance in emergencies. Most of these contributions are one-time payments and do not constitute a long-term social investment.